aside It’s Fun time!! Share this, don’t laugh alone. 


Akpos: “who is the minister of education?”

Children: “Mrs Dame Patience Jonathan”

Akpos: “who is CBN governor?”

Children: “Aliko Dangote”

Akpos; “who is the minister for information?”.

Children: “Mike Adenuga”

Akpos; “who is the minister for sports.

Children: “Stephen keshi”.

Akpos: “Correct! who composed the national

anthem of Nigeria”

Children: “wizkid”

Akpos: “correct” what is 2+5?

Children: “25”

Akpos:- “correct”

Akpos:- “what is the capital of Nigeria?”

Children: “Abia-umuahia ”

Akpos: “correct, Who is d president of


Children. “General Muhammadu Buhari”

Akpos:. “Correct! Who stopped the killing of


Children: “Psquare”

Akpos: “correct! who is the minister for women


Children: “Genevieve Nnaji”

Akpos: “Correct, Who is d governor of

Anambra state?

Children. “Baba Tunde Fashola”

Akpos: “Correct!”

Akpos:- “Good! Clap for yourselves…

(children claps) It’s gonna Remain like that

until government increases my salary!!


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