An AAUASU Aspirant, Hon. Kay and his team tend to add 18 passengers bus to AAUA campus shuttle…read full details


During last interactive session held between AAUAITES and with the Dean of Students affairs in person of Dr bolanle Ogungbamila, one of our students raised a question base on how AAUAITES are suffering to get shuttle when going for class at yaradua, awolowo or for other purpose at library, Senate building and other far distance like that,due to insufficient of shuttles on campus. 
 Dean of Students affairs also said during the interactive session that any of of us can get any interested bus owner to come and interact with him on possibilities of enlisting additional shuttle buses.He said he was the one who mastermind the idea in the first place that it is a private business which they can’t force them to come and operate on our campus.
On Friday 28th of April Hon.kay and the owner of 18 passengers bus had a brief meeting with the Dean of Students affairs in person of Dr Bolanle Ogungbamila, which the DSA really commended the efforts of Hon.kay and the owner of 18 passengers bus for their contributions towards the welfarism of AAUAITES.But we are unable to reach a conclusion due to the screening of of AAUASU Aspirants stated on that particular day at the Dean’s office. 

The DSA promised that he will invited the man for the little interview and approval immediately after the screening of AAUASU Aspirants. 

God bless AAUAITES 

God bless Ondo state 

God bless Nigeria 

Signed HON.KAY AAUASU Aspirant for the post Ass Gen Sec.


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