🤔O ye rappers!🔕 Report your location🌎… Roger☑dat please! Okay..💭 Can you rap like Blazzy Grin?
After a successful rap 🚤consignments properly ☑checked and ©certified by “👹Egun Mogaji” crooner,

Blazzy Grin is in 🚶continuity with his 💪sterling work, and so eager to upset the 🌤airwave once again on virulent 🔨wagons dubbed “💭Rap Like Me💭”.

Having ♻contributed a huge ⭕proportional damage on AAUA joint 🔰exhibition (cypher🎶🎶🎶🎶session) released last month, as 🙏🙏paean was awarded accordingly and that would not be swept under the 😏carpet for centuries to come. “Rap Like Me” his latest 📃assignment already touted to be a real 👀eye-opener for all added as spice to the game. Blended with non stop 💎enchantments until 😎Grin signaled for drop zone. This month sees the 🎙youngster overseeing some 🗯impressive comments🗯 when the 🔥hot and 🍧fresh baked cookies finally out from G Pro’s ⚡hi-powered bakery.


It’s gonna be dropped soon… Stay tuned.

Source – whatsapp


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